There is a section in my book entitled, “Identity Theft,” in which I describe some situations that occurred in my life causing to come to the surface some deep-rooted issues in my heart, and the wrestling that occurred in my soul with the Lord in this area. At the end of this section, Holy Spirit gave me this poem,


 Look to me and you will see

The source of your identity.

Your desire for security

Can only be fulfilled in Me.


And when I decree that it is so,

All things go where I say go.


You know from times past that I provide

 So why in the world do you long to hide

In the system in which I do not abide?


I have told you My kingdom is not of this world,

And you have watched as things are unfurled

From the hidden to the manifest.

My plans and provision are always for your best.


So look to me and be set free

From false identity and security.

What I provide is outside of this realm

Of the systems with power and greed at the helm.


So look to me and be set free

From the things of this world you must flee

Turn to me, turn to me,

Your eyes will be opened to truly see

The riches of glory in eternity.


I will make you truly blessed

With identity and security that comes from rest;

Resting that comes from trusting my ways

For I am eternal, the ancient of days.


All things are mine and what is mine is yours

My presence brings blessing that upon you pours

Through my ways –

The opening of doors.