There is a section in my book entitled, “Identity Theft,” in which I describe some situations that occurred in my life causing to come to the surface some deep-rooted issues in my heart, and the wrestling that occurred in my soul with the Lord in this area. At the end of this section, Holy Spirit gave me this poem,


 Look to me and you will see

The source of your identity.

Your desire for security

Can only be fulfilled in Me.


And when I decree that it is so,

All things go where I say go.


You know from times past that I provide

 So why in the world do you long to hide

In the system in which I do not abide?


I have told you My kingdom is not of this world,

And you have watched as things are unfurled

From the hidden to the manifest.

My plans and provision are always for your best.


So look to me and be set free

From false identity and security.

What I provide is outside of this realm

Of the systems with power and greed at the helm.


So look to me and be set free

From the things of this world you must flee

Turn to me, turn to me,

Your eyes will be opened to truly see

The riches of glory in eternity.


I will make you truly blessed

With identity and security that comes from rest;

Resting that comes from trusting my ways

For I am eternal, the ancient of days.


All things are mine and what is mine is yours

My presence brings blessing that upon you pours

Through my ways –

The opening of doors.



This excerpt is a section taken from the chapter entitled, THE ALLURING VOICE OF THE COUNTERFEIT  (RUN AWAY CHILD, RUN AWAY – PART TWO)

I was practicing my new identity this summer, dressing like a hippie and trying to maintain my newly acquired small size. When we got to California, I knew this is where I wanted to live one day. All the free spirits, especially in Big Sur, drew me like a moth to the light on the darkest night. We came in through the Tetons and traveled south to San Diego County, where my aunt and uncle and their children lived. The ocean, from the raw beauty of the coastline in Big Sur to the peaceful shorelines in San Diego County, I was hooked! This was my first clear impression of ocean life since the year before in Virginia Beach. My parents were not ocean people, but I clearly was. My soul craved the vastness, the rhythm of the waves and the mesmerizing, surging power.  If I could have put words into what drew me to California, it would be “being one with nature and flowing with the vibe of life.” I was rejecting the “busyness” of life full of rules and regulations that seemed meaningless, and California was calling my name. I longed to be free of what seemed to be bondage and routine with no purpose.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Jesus tells us to become as little children, and there is true freedom when we understand what that means and can live as such. The enemy brings the counterfeit freedom disguised as a life of no rules, living for each moment. The reality is that little children are only truly free to explore when there are safe parameters in their life. A child with no boundaries will bring harm to himself. True freedom is living within the boundaries set by a loving father, knowing you will be taken care of and corrected when getting off course. A good father knows what the child needs.

“He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.” (Proverbs 25:28, KJV)

The enemy lures us with his lies
Deceiving us as he tries
To shape our identity through pride and lust
Sowing seeds of doubt and distrust
Focusing on what we lack
We eat the fruit and get off track
There is an identity we are searching for
But there is only one way, one entrance, one door
To which our true self can be realized
And it isn’t through the devil’s lies
The Kingdom of God is full of light,
Creative beauty, spiritual sight
He is the Eternal One
Creator of the stars, moon and the sun
He draws us to Himself with hope
When we have reached the end of our rope
We know there is something more
He calls us to what He created us for
A new identity is in store