Endorsements for “Too Many Voices…”

In the pages of this book: Too Many Voices, Alane Haynes holds nothing back as she tells how the voice of strangers controlled her life early on. She is living proof that when God speaks, you live! When God speaks, you’re healed! When God speaks, you’re delivered! As you read her story, you will hear God’s still small voice speaking into the broken places of your life and you will live again. ~ Bill Yount – speaker and author of: The Power of Real. www.billyount.com

I really enjoyed the book Too Many Voices by Alane Haynes. I thought I was just going to help out a friend, and was very surprised when I found that this book was for me! It spoke to me personally. We all hear voices in our head, and it is a problem trying to figure out which are God’s, which are ours, and which are the enemy’s. This book helps us do that. Too Many Voices is a book for everyone, whether non-Christians or Christians, young in faith or mature. It took a lot of courage for Alane to put her story on paper. Her writing is refreshingly transparent and honest, and her story is interspersed with very good poetry. I really liked this book; it is one of the best books I have ever read! ~ Wayne Clarke, Senior Pastor, His Dwelling Place Ministries

In “Too Many Voices: My Journey from Confusion to Clarity,” Alane shares, with great vulnerability, her life story amid brokenness and pain. For those struggling with childhood traumas and tormenting thoughts, her transparency and journey towards freedom in Christ will encourage you and provide some helpful insights in your own healing.   ~ Wanda Alger – Writer for Intercessors for America, prophetic minister, and author of three books including, “Oracles of Grace: Building a Legacy of Wisdom and Revelation.”

Alane’s book, “Too Many Voices,” is both transparent and authentic; from the very beginning she draws in her readers with the rawness of her story. This book is a powerful tool that can lead to personal growth, as it sheds light and revelation on the complex behavior patterns and coping mechanisms that people often gravitate towards after experiencing trauma and abuse. Alane boldly shares her story, even as far as going to the hard places that, frankly, many of us are unwilling to acknowledge due to fear. I highly recommend “Too Many Voices” to anyone, as I believe that this book will bring healing and freedom to many. The transformation that the Lord has done in Alane’s life is truly remarkable. Her testimony makes known the faithfulness of the Lord, even down to the generations (Psalm 89:1). If you desire true freedom and healing, then this book is for you! ~ Angie Stolba – Author of the book, “Dealing with the Root of Rejection” Elijah List and Spirit Fuel writer

In second Corinthians, scripture says that each of us is an epistle known and read by all men. As I read through Alane Haynes’ book entitled “Too Many Voices,” I became aware that many of her self-proclaimed fears and apprehensions about not being good enough and seeking approval from others, were etched upon the pages of my own epistle, as well. I could tell that her journey – from listening and catering to the lying voices of doubt, despair, and depression to discovering and clinging to the one true and eternal voice of her Savior – is a journey that God wants all of us to make in one way or another.

Her nuggets gleaned from Scripture, Holy Spirit intervention, and life’s experiences should act as a balm of healing for all believers. But the biggest take away from her writing, was not how the Lord can heal me from buying into the many false voices in my own life, but how God has called each of us to be His voice to others. ~ Caz Taylor, Bible teacher, columnist, author, and videographer

With a world filled with so many clamoring voices, one can so easily find themselves immersed in a fog of confusion. The voices of rejection and condemnation of past or present wounds try to hold you down.  Alane Haynes book, Too Many Voices – My Journey from Confusion to Clarity, takes you on a powerful journey to find that One voice of clarity, the voice of your Beloved King. It is a powerful journey of pressing through the pain, overcoming all odds and soaring in the healing and glory of your King. I have to share my first thought as I began reading was simply “Wow! Praise God for his marvelous love and light that pierces through the darkness, through the fog and makes our paths clear. That one voice that in an instant brings hope, healing, and clarity!” God’s love is fierce and relentless!  You will find it expressed throughout this must have book!  ~ Dana Jarvis – Evangelist and Author, Prophetic Seer, Founder of Hezekiah’s Wall Ministry

“The New Covenant is one of transformation of the believer from Satan’s image and power to God’s. This author’s story is a riveting testimony that serves as a battle flag of triumph flying at the top of the Adversary’s mountain of darkness and discouragement. On the other side of Alane’s overcoming by means of God’s numerous personal interventions lies a victory of truth, deep life, and personal fulfillment on a scale of unimaginable proportions. She demonstrates first hand that life in our God can be complete, fulfilling and battle tested.  A must read for those who are serious about discovering their destiny as God has shaped and designed it.”   ~ Rev. Earl Clampett: Simple Truth Ministries

Alane Haynes book “Too Many Voices” is one of great trials and great triumphs.  This is an inspiring and timely book for this generation.  As she draws the reader in with her childhood testimony and the breakdown of the strongholds in her generations we are shown that nothing is impossible with God.  Alane is the living embodiment of the verse in Revelation 12:11  that declares we overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.   Alane’s story shows us that the battle on earth is real but that we can overcome with Him who has called us to life and victory.  Her love for Jesus permeates the pages and her passion for His Kingdom to be advanced inspires the reader to want to do the same!  I also strongly encourage anyone who has suffered from victimization and mental health issues to read this book. ~ Jill Shankles – Counselor and Founder of Armor of Light Breakthrough Ministries

“Too Many Voices” is a moving testimony of how God’s plan, purpose and redemption can take one from a life full of confusion and destruction to a life full of purpose, hope and freedom.  Alane’s story will inspire you to trust in the goodness and promises of God no matter what you are going through.  Alane has an amazing gift of sharing the truth about God  and His character through the interpretations of her dreams and revelations and she will also encourage you and give you hope and victory through knowing how to declare the Living Word of God. ~Karen Stevens – Pastor of Women’s Ministries, Rock Church, San Diego, CA  

I was delighted to be invited by Alane Haynes to write an endorsement for her new book: “Too Many Voices – My Journey from Confusion to Clarity.”  Alane’s wonderful book details the clash of the kingdom of sin, pain, addiction and abuse met head on by the Kingdom of God when Jesus wrests the soul of the tormented from the grip of evil.  Alane’s gritty story of her journey from the depths of despair and gloomy ‘forecasts’ give way to the clear blue skies of freedom and joy that is on offer through Jesus.  Her Christ-centered bio will help you weed out the confusing voices in your own life that are competing for your destiny and help you enjoy the fair winds and following seas that God so graciously provides to those who respond to His invitation.  Most everyone enjoys a roller coaster ride…that’s what you’ll find within these pages:  ups and downs, quick turns and concerns and a big finish that leaves you looking back thinking, WOW, we made it! ~ Kevin Sanford – Pastor, The Mission Church, Poway, CA

I have served alongside Alane in women’s ministry for many years now, have read all of her books and knew that she was a gifted writer. But this particular book was different. There were many sections in the book “Too Many Voices” that touched me; there were days when I could not put this book down, it was so good! Also, the beautiful and heartfelt poems are priceless. Jesus has given Alane a platform to speak and connect with folks struggling with a lack of faith, low self-esteem and mental health challenges. She is speaking TRUTH into lives that truly matter to our Abba Father, the Savior of the world! His plans for Alane were all laid out, years and years in advance; He never gave up on her. This book clearly shows how God is always chasing after us with “Reckless Abandon.” There are people out there who have lost all hope. Alane is a “HOPE DEALER”, an Ambassador for Christ. ~Lisa Thrift-Blatnica – Pastor, Rock Church San Diego, Disaster Chaplain & “The Coaching Chaplain” thecoachingchaplain.com

Alane Haynes is a friend of mine and a beloved friend of Gods!  I want to say Thank You Alane for your open, honest and transparent heart!  TOO MANY VOICES invites us to enter Alane’s dark and painful past and examine our own story. We are taken on a life’s journey of revival through forgiveness, healing, and restoration. This powerful story brings about the reality of transformation and eternal love that develops our true identity with the Eternal One. The poem FILLED WITH HIS GLORY introduces the beautiful poetry which continues throughout the book resonating hope and healing! Alane has listened well and heard the One True Voice loud and clear! TOO MANY VOICES is a must read for all who have heard, listened and reacted to the voices of the world and the enemy.Alane Haynes invites us to silence those voices and become empowered with a new voice that resonates our true identity found in the Great I Am. ~ Lynda Miller – Founder and Pastoral Counselor of New Beginnings Counseling Services, Carlsbad, CA

Alane Haynes book, Too Many Voicesis a must read for anyone wanting to break through the myriads of voices from our past into embracing the new voice of victory! Her life story will impact and strike your heart. Lean into the pages of this story and you’ll find the voice of a loving, faithful Father ready to heal you now! ~ Maria Sainz – Co-founder and Senior pastor, Red Seal ministries