Shocked in the Desert Study Guide Excerpts

“Consider the trials in your life in light of “virtue.” Is it possible that God is working on your character, or developing things in your life (and others’ lives) to bring the vision to pass? Perhaps there are areas where He will be using you and He knows the enemy will plant land mines; God knows you will need those weapons He is training you to use right now. He knows the future and is preparing you! Ask Him to enlighten your understanding, to shift your perspective to be in line with His ways and His thoughts. Be encouraged and stand strong! The Lord wants to have that Word become real in your life, not just a promise!”

“We read that meditate in the Hebrew language means to murmur, mutter, speak, talk, utter. Was that eye-opening?

What have you been muttering in your life? Have you been muttering words of negativity, repeating the problems over and over, rehearsing how bad it is? Take this opportunity to confess this to the Lord and ask Holy Spirit to help you remember to mutter Truth! Find scriptures to stand on and confess, post them all over your house, car, at work if you need to. Take time each day to confess the Word, and catch yourself when you are muttering negativity and turn it around!”

“Proverbs 18:21 says we eat the fruit from what we have spoken, and Isaiah 57:19 says that God creates the fruit of the lips. God gives us fruit from what we have chosen to speak. Ask Him to show you the fruit in your life. We can learn from the bad fruit in our lives to see where we are, ask for eyes to see what He is trying to show you and allow His correction for re-direction.”

“Will you let God shock you and refine your faith so that He can bring life to dead situations in your life and others’ lives, or do you want to be right in your own understanding and stay where you are in your faith walk? It takes work, but it is worth it. (…Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Cor. 2:9)”