Book Endorsements

Endorsements for “Moses – Shocked in the Desert”

“First of all, I know that all of you will enjoy getting to know Alane Haynes as an author. I love the way Alane writes and continues to help the reader become one with what she is writing. Alane is a Godly woman of faith who is aligned apostolically in the region. Because of this, she has a peculiar unction to establish truth. Prepare to be illuminated in the revelation that God is releasing and get ready to be challenged as you read this enlightening book. Alane has meticulously given to the reader an ability to learn and to absorb God’s ways. She understands oneness with the Godhead and endeavors to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Shocked… will jolt you to think, and to allow the Lord to calibrate His mindset into your belief system. You have been given the mind of Christ and Alane confronts the reader to assess this truth by identifying where they are and where they need to be as part of this great end-time army of the Lord.”

~ Apostle Billie Alexander, Co-Founder and President – Limitless Realms Int’l Ministries, Greater San Diego Region

“There are several types of writers tapping their keyboards these days. Some use mere words to paint their black and white pictures. Contrarily, I have found Alane Haynes to be a writer of thought-provoking images. Her book entitled “Shocked” is as electrifying as her title. Her unique perspective on Biblical truths is a pleasing eye-opener. If you hunger for compelling perspectives on God’s Word, I think you will enjoy this.”

~ Caz Taylor, Bible Teacher and Author

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I have read the bible and knew the story of Moses and the journey of the people of Israel in the wilderness but going through this book helped me have a brand new perspective on how to walk in faith and receive the promises of God. I will definitely be using the principles I learned from this book for the rest of my life journey.”

~ Loli

“I could not put this book down. It is easy to read, but you will want to read it slowly so you could take in the wisdom and the insights in each line. It’s not what you think it is…it’s so much more! I learned so much more about the verses I’ve read dozens and dozens of times than I thought a book could teach. Alane’s style is warm, engaging, and how she delivered the message was genius. I have almost every page highlighted. It’s a great, great book!”

~ Audrey Lee

“In reading your book I’ve found that you inspired new revelation, and a different perspective in the Old Testament.” 

~Gilbert n Annette

“I was enlightened by Alane Haynes book, “Moses-Shocked In The Desert.” It brought back to me the importance of trusting in the Lord for guidance in living my life. A gentle reminder that He is always there for me and those who open their hearts and minds to hear and study His word. Thank you, Alane, for inspiring me to seek Him more fully.”

~ Cheryl P.

“The book Moses-Shocked in the Desert was a revelation for me. I learned how to open my heart and my spiritual ears to what god want me to know. There is so much wisdom and revelation in this piece. It has been an amazing experience learning about how God speak to our lives and how to listen to his voice.”

~ Gabriela Fernandez

“I hadn’t heard of this book until I was in a group. At first the title didn’t surprise me, but the picture did draw my attention. As we started to read the book, which was easy to read and understand, it began to relate to everyday things in my life while simultaneously going through the story of Moses and how God lead His people through the desert. Chapter by chapter would reveal how God was always faithful and loving though His people were not. At the end we are reminded that God is always with us, whether we are faithful or not, He is a loving and merciful God, that we are to trust and be obedient, no matter what circumstances we are in, and we can always trust in His love! Thank you Alane for sharing your book with us.”

~ Julissa Cabrera-Vallejo

“The book Moses-Shocked in the Desert was a shocking revelation for me personally. It opened up my heart, my mind and my ears to what God wants us to know and that his ways are not our ways. There is so much knowledge and wisdom and stretching (that I have done for myself) that I have learned from reading this book and answering all the questions that gave me insight to what God desires for me. It has deepened my relationship with God and I feel closer to him. Thank you Alane Haynes for this amazing shocking revelation!”

~ Amazon customer

“I thoroughly enjoyed each and every page. Mrs. Haynes takes Bible stories familiar and not so familiar and shows the reader the life application. She takes verses and brings them to life. She challenges the reader to consider their level of obedience to The Lord. My three teenage children enjoyed hearing this book read as a devotional.”


“The author does a wonderful job taking the lessons taught by the old testament and making them applicable to our daily struggles. She also takes the time to reveal God’s heart and purpose in instances that used to seem mysterious.”

~ D Thurman

“Beautifully written. I am moved by the power of your words and awed by your talent. You are so very special to me and to our God.”

~ Joy

“I purchased this book and the Study Guide Workbook that goes along with it for a deeper understanding. I was introduced to this study as a class that was offered at the church I attend. I was told that people who have read this book have had revelations of their own and have heard God speak to them personally. I wasn’t really expecting this to be the case for me. I hate to sound corny, but I was “SHOCKED in my DESERT”! this book was written by words that God gave the author Alane Haynes at night in her dreams. It is also filled with numerous written text of living words from the holy Bible. From the beginning of this study God began speaking to me in a very personal and loving way. I began trusting him with childlike faith and he began revealing more and more to me; like Hagar, God opened my eyes and I saw a well of living water.( just like in the book) the veil was removed from my eyes and I began seeing and experiencing gods words in a new light., his purpose for me has even now become clear. In my weakness he made me strong! This book has been life-changing for me. To say the least! I highly recommend this book along with the study guide book for an even deeper understanding.”

~Laura Brown-July 21, 2017