Called Unto His Presence Excerpt


Though I walk in times of darkness,
Clouds encompassing my path,
I know that God’s Almighty Power
Keeps me from the day of wrath.

Though I cannot see it fully,
The reason for these trials of mine,
I know He has a purpose,
My struggles part of His grand design.

The very essence of these tests
Is to bring to me a divine choice,
That I may have before me daily
Cause to cry or to rejoice.

If I only see the struggle,
And not the Father’s loving hand,
I will not have the strength to bear it,
Nor the heart to understand.

Yet if I look beyond the problem,
And look into dear Jesus’s eyes,
I will find blessed assurance,
And over the problem I will rise.

The trial itself is God’s own vessel
Bringing His glory to lift me up.
If I would but open my heart to see Him,
And drink from His overflowing cup.

This trial I face is sent to try me
Do I believe that God is true?
Do I believe He has a purpose?
Oh yes, dear Lord, I believe, I do.

I will stand upon your Word,
Knowing that you will supply my need.
I know that you will not forsake me,
And into Your presence you will lead