Stay in the Light

I received a vision where I was in a large company of people on a journey. I could see many ahead of me, and there were many more behind – men, women and children. We were moving toward a distant vista that was glowing in amber, as if through a lens of clear honey. The golden light illuminated everything, from the vegetation near the path we were on to the varied shades of green in the hills beyond. The colors were vibrant and intense, much more than I have ever seen in the natural. Everything had a cast of golden light upon it, and the light towards which we were walking was magnetic in its beauty, rich and radiant. We were walking on a ridgeline of an elevation, to our left was a deep valley, on the right a steep ravine and towering cliffs on the other side. We were focused and intent, not hurriedly rushing, but walking with purpose towards the destination.

I heard a sound, a rumbling vibration. The sound began to build in intensity and I became aware that it was thundering of a multitude of horses running. I looked to the left, into the valley. As far as my eyes could see were armies upon armies advancing toward us, dark horses carrying riders in dark robes, with faces covered by dark hoods. The riders carried long spears with razor-sharp tips upheld. The horses were creating great clouds of dust over the valley. Looking ahead, I saw that there was no darkness where we were headed; in fact, the light seemed intensified. I began to feel fear when I looked at the armies advancing toward us. Some of the others in our company were starting to run and scream, as they ran they fell. Others tripped over them, also falling to the ground, causing more wounding and delays.

I heard, “Do not fear. Stay in the light. If you stay in the light and continue moving with Me, I will take you to your destination. In My light, the enemy cannot touch you. Darkness cannot enter the light. Light dispels darkness. Stay in the light.”