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MOSES – SHOCKED IN THE DESERT, Learning God’s Ways So We Can Enter the Promised Land

Using Biblical examples of how God often “shocks” us to get us in line with His purposes, the book provides deep truths about God’s ways and how they relate to our Christian walk so that we can better see what He is doing and hear what He is saying. These revelations result in heart enlightenment and freedom from wrong mindsets and idols, as areas of deception become unveiled. The reality of God’s holiness and justice is shown in relation to our being accountable for our actions and words, providing an equipping power to move us forward into our destiny.

This book is written for Christians desiring to see their lives change so that they can walk in Godly character and authority, and for leaders who desire to fulfill their calling with purity of heart before the Lord. There are truths in this book that God desires Christians in every stage of maturity to know and embrace. We all have areas of spiritual blindness which hinder us from moving into the deeper places He wants us to go. Each chapter is “stand-alone,” allowing readers to choose what speaks to their heart at the moment.


This study guide is designed to help you apply the teachings from Moses – Shocked in the Desert to your life so that you can have a greater awareness of God’s ways, seeing more accurately and hearing more clearly what he is trying to show you or speak to you. There are probing questions that are designed to provide a catalyst in dialoguing with the Holy Spirit, so that you can break out of old patterns of thinking and strongholds that have kept you from moving forward in your spiritual journey.                                                                                 


Called Unto His Presence is a compilation of poems that were birthed out of times of intimacy with the Lord, in the Word and prayer.  Some are songs of love from a place of deep gratitude, some are utterances of revelatory vision, many are prophetic exhortations. 

All are provided to draw you deeper into the presence of the Lord and to bring Him glory and honor. 

TOO MANY VOICES – My Journey from Confusion to Clarity

My journey into confusion began with open doors to the enemy created by childhood wounds. Through those doors came many voices – doubt, rebellion, depression, conflict and emotional/mental paralysis. These led to a lifestyle of sin, causing more wounds to myself and others. My journey out of confusion and into clarity was born from the desire to have change in my life, from dissatisfaction with the recurring pain and loss, and the inner “knowing” that there was something better. It was very difficult and painful, but worth every moment spent in struggle and battle. I now have peace. I have learned to identify and silence voices that steal joy, kill peace and destroy sanity. I know the voice of God. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27 (KJV)

If you are struggling with a difficult journey; if you are confused and don’t know if there is a way out of the darkness, my story may bring hope and healing to you. If you do not know the Lord, or are not even sure if there is a God, please read this book anyway. You may identify with some of my journey and find light for yours.

If you are a person who “sees” or “hears” or “senses” things in another realm, and have thought you are crazy, or been told you are crazy, I hope this book will bring enlightenment, alignment to the true purpose of your gifts, and courage to know and fulfill your purpose.

It is a story of discovery – discovery that the Maker of all things has loved me with an everlasting love; before time began I was with Him, in Christ Jesus, and at the pre-appointed time He sent me forth with a destiny imprinted within me that would require forging in the furnace of affliction, allowing the enemy to harm me…to a point…in those very areas where God would later come in, with Power, Light, and Love. For in those areas, those wounds, that is where His power will come forth to lead others into their destiny in Christ.

Truly, the journey is one of returning, to come back to the First Voice, the Voice of the Beloved calling us to Himself.