8 Sept 2017 Race Car Transformation guest post by Julie Andrews

When you take a road car and transform it into a race car, you strip all the extra weight out of the car. That means all the comfort and the sound deadening materials: the “fat”. What remains is the bare shell of the car: metal! It is reduced to the bare minimum: a car seat (or 2), the steering wheel, the gear stick, the hand break and the necessary instruments – no heater! A roll cage is added for extra strength and protection of the driver.
The brakes are upgraded – you need to stop faster!. The suspension upgraded – you need to go round corners faster. The engine is upgraded. The tyres are changed.
The end result is that the street car you started with is transformed and only really looks like the original on the outside. Internally it is very different. All the driving and safety features are transformed and all the comforts are stripped away.
The Driver also must be trained to operate the car at faster speeds. A race car driver wears a fireproof suit, a helmet and protective clothing. They are trained to drive very fast round corners, learning to judge the track and the speed of the car to go as fast as they can. And that requires learning through practising – trail and error (and coming off the track!) All this is necessary and it doesn’t happen overnight. The transformation of a road to race car driver takes time.

This is a metaphor of the spiritual transformation from road worthy believer to a race worthy believer. If you are to run the last race, to carry the baton for the last days then all the comfortable “fat” , the internal extras need to be stripped away. They will only weigh you down and slow you up. And all the spiritual characteristics of Holy Spirit within need to be honed and improved to deal with a faster controlled race track/life.
In the Spirit realm to transform from “normal” to “battle ready” takes time. The Holy Spirit works the transformation on those who are willing and submitted. The transformation is full and complete but you choose the timing. The “older” you are the more layers of comfort; the level of stripping is higher. The “young” receive and transform more quickly and easily because they have less baggage. But all need some stripping and upgrading. The Key is the yielding and the willingness to be transformed.
Those who have been willing to strip and upgrade their “cars” – the inner man – will be most successful on this spiritual race track. They will run/drive the track and be less likely to crash. Because even if they do they will be able to throw off the hurt and the damage and enter the race again. They will learn as they run. They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint. The key is to wait on the Lord – in worship and praise.

The race is WON – can you, will you run with Me this last leg/section. It is the fastest and the most dangerous – but I AM with you and you, through love, can not fail! !Hallelujah!