I experienced something recently that I believe signifies what is coming in the days ahead. I was sitting on the porch at daybreak. When I sat down, the sky was clear and the sun was just beginning to rise. I began praying for a situation in my family that has been a burden to my heart for some time. I was not in faith at that moment and was lamenting the situation to the Lord.

A few minutes later I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to look up. I was shocked at what I saw. There was a band of fast moving clouds, it looked like a thick ribbon of darkness racing from one end of the sky to the other. It was astonishing; I had never seen anything like it before. I had seen clouds moving quickly, but never in such a formation.

I heard, “See how quickly things can change.” Immediately I was aware of God’s sovereignty, and in a place of faith. Holy Spirit began reminding me of the growth over the last year that has occurred in this family member’s life. I began to declare from my spirit truth about the purposes of God for this person’s life, that hindrances to Truth would be removed, lies exposed, and God’s justice enacted for His covenantal purposes and Kingdom advancement.

As I declared these things a fog bank rolled in. Within a few minutes, it was sunny and clear again. God was emphasizing to me how quickly things can change! I went inside to share these things with my husband. He reminded me of my prophetic mantle, that when I speak the words of the Lord things change. Holy Spirit prompted me to read out loud a word I’d been given recently, “Be still and listen, for I am speaking to you even now. I am reaching down into the depths of your being and bringing life to those dreams that you thought dead. My Spirit is moving upon you; even now you are feeling a stirring within, a flutter of hope. For those dreams are not dead, they are only dormant, waiting for my movement upon them. Now, I say, my Spirit is touching your spirit and a birthing will take place in the season to come. The provision for the fruition is prepared and purposed.”

As soon as I finished reading this aloud (literally just seconds) I received a text from someone who wanted to bless my ministry by sowing into it, and it was an amount that was apostolically significant – multiples of 12!  Manifestation of the word (provision) the Lord had given me! The number 12 represents divine government; God is setting order for the days ahead!

“and he said, “This is what the LORD says: This dry valley will be filled with pools of water! You will see neither wind nor rain, says the LORD, but this valley will be filled with water. You will have plenty for yourselves and your cattle and other animals. … The next day at about the time when the morning sacrifice was offered, water suddenly appeared! It was flowing from the direction of Edom, and soon there was water everywhere.” (2 Kings 3:16-17, 20 NLT)

These verses give just one example of provision immediately appearing. The manna and quail, the coin in the mouth of the fish, ravens feeding Elijah, the upper room prepared, water changed to wine, etc.

I believe the Lord is saying that we are entering a season where we will see immediate manifestation of what He has told us. This is a season where the Lord is doing a quick work in the earth. We must stay in faith! Declare the prophetic words you have received and be ready to receive suddenly! Holy Spirit reminded me of a word I’d been given about “suddenly.”

“And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven:” (Acts 9:3, KJV)

I hear the Lord saying that, “Even as Saul was on his journey, doing what he thought was right for his life, the appointed time and my sure purpose for his life had arrived, so it shall be with you. You have been on your journey, being faithful in the things set before you, and now the appointed time is upon you for My purposes to be established. My light will come and illuminate every dark place where you have given up hope. My light will come and show you the next step to take. My light will come suddenly, and you will know, even as Saul knew, that I am the Lord of Glory. For My Glory will come to you and you will come to my Glory and you will become my Glory in the earth for such a time as this. For my Glory will cover the earth through My people walking in My ways. My ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. You are wearied with many plans, for a man’s mind plans his ways. Yet My suddenly is upon you.

My suddenly will bring My ways, and My path will open for you, and you will know Me in a way you have not known, and I will take you upon a path that you have not known. You have been trying to think your way through and into a place where you have not been and you know not the way, but as I told you in My Word, I am preparing a place for you. My Kingdom is at hand. I am preparing the place for you and I alone will lead you to it. The “place” is not a physical place, it is a place in the Spirit where moment by moment I will make Myself known to you and lead you in the way you should go.

Do not be afraid, but trust in Me. Have I not always been faithful? Have I not always provided? This is a time of remembering that I AM faithful. Yet do not look for me in the way you have seen me in the past. I AM always bringing you forward and upward into My glory, it will not look the same as before. Suddenly, the light will shine. Suddenly, provision will come. Suddenly, you will be astonished and amazed. Though you trust me, your trust has been in my faithfulness as seen by my past provision in a present moment. Now I will shine light onto the road of your future, and your eyes will be opened to the limitless realms of My eternal glory in ways you have not known. In faith, speak what you have seen and heard. It shall be according to My Word. You will see how quickly things can change.”