Hear, and See, Eternity

At a worship gathering recently, I received a vision which I believe the Lord wants me to share to bring an increase in our faith level.

In the vision, I was in the heavens riding some type of celestial body – it looked like a green meteor or a green rocket ship. It was cylinder shaped and was releasing a plume behind it as we traveled. It was clear to me that the Lord was with me and directing our travel. We were immersed in a sea of stars, journeying into what seemed to be endless depths of stars. We ventured into infinity – high, low, far and wide – progressing deeper and deeper and there was no end to the stars.

Then we were immediately in another realm – soaring over endless sand beaches in the lands of the earth, and even diving into the sand into the depths of the sea as the Lord showed me the immeasurable number of the grains of sand.

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me of the faith of Abraham, that he was able to take extraordinary steps of faith because when he heard God speak to him about the stars (Gen. 15:5) and the sand (Gen. 22:17), he did not just hear. Abraham had no knowledge of the universe or the earth, as science has taught us in modern day. When Abraham heard God speak these things, I believe he “saw” by the spirit what the Lord showed me in this vision – the limitless, eternal ramifications of God’s promises to us. We who are the Lord’s are of the same faith as Abraham and receive the same assurance of blessing (Gal. 3:7-9, 14).

I believe when the Lord told Abraham to go forth from all that he knew, to leave family and his land and culture, the voice of God engendered faith to the point that he saw the continuing city written about in Hebrews 13. Abraham came from a pagan nation of idolaters; they worshiped many gods. When the voice of Jehovah, the Eternal One, spoke to him He was awakened to his destiny. When the Lord told Abraham to go, to leave all that he knew, unto a “land that I will shew thee,” he received an ability to perceive and grab hold of the vision of eternity. The word “shew” in the original language is ra’ah, which means to see; perceive; have vision; regard, look out and find out; give attention to and distinguish. It also means to present oneself; to be seen; to look at each other. The word in other places in scripture is the same word used for a seer.

We are in a time where the Lord wants us to be awakened to Eternity, to hear attentively and to receive vision by the Spirit so that we can move forward by faith and take new ground for His Kingdom. There are many of us that have dreams He has given that have been dormant for long. Others have received words of promise that have not yet been fulfilled. Still others have almost lost hope in areas of their lives where they are now wondering if they even heard God in the first place.

I hear Him saying, “Is there anything too hard for Me? Have I not spoken and will I not do all that I have said? Am I not the creator of the universe who neither sleeps nor slumbers? Am I not the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills? Is not the gold and silver mine? I called forth the stars to bring forth their light, and set the bounds of the sea. Creation is speaking of my glory and my providence. Have I not shown you in seedtime and harvest that I am a God of multiplication? Use the faith I have given you and sanctify your imagination so that you can see as I see. I long to take you on a journey and show you all that I have prepared for you to walk in, prepared in eternity for the eternal realms of Glory that I desire to see established on the earth. Come with me, my beloved, and let me show you the things to come. When you read my word, let it sink down into your spirit and cause vision to come to carry your forward. For the continuing city is yet upon you and you are to enter in and occupy until I come. Occupy with faith and take the land by force…the force of my breath breathing life over my words until they take root in your being and birth what has been determined in eternity for the eternal Now. Awaken and arise; the time is nigh. Come forth now and become who you are. The kingdom awaits my sons and daughters coming forth into their places. Hear, and see, eternity.”