My heart’s desire is to see God glorified, His purposes established and His ETERNAL TRUTH proclaimed. Everything that my husband and I do in ministry has this desire at the core. The reality of our being in Christ before the world was formed, with the works that we would walk in eternally foreknown and foreordained, is a profound truth that has changed my life and propelled me to have it be made known. My main ministry is to worship and obey the Lord; to spend time in His presence and make known what He tells me or shows me, in writing, speaking or doing what He says.

My husband Kerry and I founded and lead “Golden Vessels,” a ministry to the elderly in convalescent homes and assisted living facilities. This is an Outreach Ministry through the Rock Church. We have a great team that are being built up to minister in the power of the Spirit to the residents of these facilities. We love to see the atmosphere shift as the Word of God is preached and His Kingdom declared. Lives are touched and changed!

I am also a leader in the Rock Church San Diego Point Loma Campus “Shine” Women’s Ministry and recently led a workshop entitled “The Power of Intentional Hearing,” using excerpts from “Moses – Shocked in the Desert. This photo was from that event. I have also taught from “Moses …” at “Sisters” Women’s Ministry. Women who have received from “Moses…” began hearing God more clearly and began to have their eyes opened to His ways in their lives. Some began to hear God for the very first time! God’s ways are often shocking; the way I received the book was shocking to me, and I am often shocked by His dealings in my life, which bring me into line with His purposes!

Check out the video teaching (“Power of Intentional Hearing”) under the “Speaking” page! I would love to come and speak at your church or other group and share key teachings from “Moses…” or my testimony of God’s delivering power! I have shared my testimony at a number of locations in San Diego County, and women have received deliverance, salvation , freedom from a lifetime of shame and guilt, and a fresh infusion of faith, either for their own lives or for those they love that are still in bondage.

You can use the Contact Page to get in touch. Also, there are some sample messages on the”Speaking” page. I love to teach God’s word, because I know that it will bear fruit in the lives of the hearers. His Word is life! I began teaching His Word in 2000, leading a weekly Bible Study/prayer group in my workplace. It was around that time that I began mentoring women as well.  It is an honor to come alongside women and help them grow into the destiny in Christ Jesus that God has prepared for them!

God’s divine appointments, whether in the church, at local gatherings or in the public arena of everyday life, are the best! It is an honor and privilege to let His Spirit to flow in whatever way He chooses; we are blessed to be part of the Body of Christ and see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. What a gift! My life was a tangled and disjointed mess until I allowed the Lord to become Lord of all; now I see His redemption at work daily. There is nothing quite like seeing His light shine as others are awakened to His Truth. The darkness lifts, their lives become transformed; to Him be all the praise and glory forever!

Certain keys from P’s bring powerful results! “P’s” are vital in my life – His Presence, Praying, Prophesying, Poetic prose, perception of His Purposes and bringing Him Praise! When praying, His Presence results in a shift of perception and seeing His purposes, always resulting in Praise, sometimes in Prophesying and Poetic prose! I would love to pray for you; use the Contact page and let me know your needs!

We in San Diego have rich opportunities to participate (Another P word!) in prayer and worship gatherings across the region, nearly on a daily basis! God is doing a great work here! Boundaries are disappearing as His Body is joining in unity to pray, prophesy, worship, and proclaim His Kingdom, taking it to the streets in many cases. In fact, many of the events and ministries are in the public places! I am blessed! We are blessed! The Church is arising and the Kingdom is being manifest! Praise God!