I love words and I love reading. When I was young, I used to read the dictionary! The words we choose make the difference between life and death in our lives. Negative, unbelieving words create hopelessness in our hearts. Words of edification are those that build up others. My goal in my personal life is to only speak that which is edifying, and that is a daily challenge. We often eat from the tree of good and evil (it’s right or wrong, good or bad, we make judgments about situations). Eating from the tree of life, we speak words of life from the eternal purposes of God, the Holy and Sovereign one who knows all things and is continually creating.

My favorite place is outdoors. Even before I was saved, I loved nature and could always come to a place of peace there. Creation speaks of God. Going for walks will eventually cause me to look up outside of myself; when I do that, I see His creation and am brought back into a place of thanksgiving and wonder. God often uses birds to surprise me with His love. He also uses hearts – the cleft in a mountain range, heart shaped rocks, shadows, and even seeds.  Being in nature settings brings forth worship from my heart, often in the form of song.

I love to worship, and music can bring forth worship also. Music takes us somewhere. I used to let it take me to many places, now I am careful as to where I go and choose music that will take me into the realms of His glory, or at least into praising His name! We were made to worship something; the King of Glory is worthy of all of my worship, worship released through music is a small but essential part!

My family! This was from a long time prayed for, planned for and provision prioritized and put into trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary! I am blessed by much love. God has truly done amazing things! If you need to be encouraged and have your faith built; if you have what seem to be hopeless situations in your family, get my book. “Too Many Voices,” and you will have faith rise up! God is not a respecter of persons; if he did it for me, He’ll do it for you!