Alane Haynes is an author, speaker, and apostolic/prophetic teacher. Alane has authored four books: “Moses – Shocked in the Desert, Learning God’s Ways So We Can Enter the Promised Land,” birthed from a prophetic dream and written from subsequent nights of being awakened by the Holy Spirit, to “write what I tell you.” She has also written an accompanying Study Guide for “Moses…” a compilation of Holy Spirit inspired poetry, “Called Unto His Presence,” and “Too Many Voices – My Journey from Confusion to Clarity.” Her prophetic blogs have been featured on Elijah List, Spirit Fuel and other platforms.

Alane was radically saved in 1981, when the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to her and she immediately received salvation, deliverance and a supernatural healing of her body and mind. Her life is an ongoing testimony to the overcoming power of God, manifested through deliverance, healing and many miracles in her life, the lives of her family, and those that she has ministered to over the years by the unction of the Holy Spirit. Alane desires to see people empowered to overcome. She has a heart to see the gifts of God come forth in the body of Christ, and His Kingdom made known.

Alane was ordained as Apostle in May 2021 through HSBN/International Fellowship of Ministries Apostolic Center and also received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity through the HSBN International School of Ministry. She has been apostolically aligned with Limitless Realms International Ministries (LRIM) since 2010. In 2017, through LRIM, Alane was commissioned as an Apostolic Teacher and Prophet. In 2007, Alane received her Bachelors of Biblical Studies through Logos Christian College in 2003.

Alane has been teaching the Word of God and mentoring women consistently since 2001, and was a leader in Women’s Ministry at the Rock Church San Diego from 2012 – 2020.  In her early Christian years, she taught Sunday School at Elim Assembly of God and also created a Children’s Choir, and has an intercessor/prayer minister in many churches and ministries through the years. 

With her husband Kerry, Alane co-founded “Eternal Truth Now Ministry, (see Ministry page)” and “Golden Vessels,” a ministry to the elderly in Assisted Living homes.  They currently have a broadcast program on Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network – (More information on Ministry page.) When they are not ministering, Alane and her husband Kerry enjoy spending time with their daughters and five grandchildren, and being outdoors enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

Daughter of a minister, the seeds of the Word of God were sown at an early age, but the enemy also sowed seeds through childhood trauma (molestation) and deep emotional wounds. My gift of seeing and hearing God were not received in “religion” and I was told I was crazy. These things led to rebellion and a life of unbelief, openness to New Age thinking and demonic influence. This culminated in depression and being suicidal at the age of 26. When I cried out for salvation, I received a visitation of the risen Lord resulting in deliverance from demonic spirits and a supernatural healing of my body.

I have experienced much of what the Israelites did in their journey. God used many trials and testings in wilderness seasons to make me aware of why my path went around the same mountains over and over again. He brought me to a place where I heard Him say, “Your only hope is to get My Word inside you.” Subsequently, a year or two later, I was awakened to the urgency to live for Him by a voice in the night warning, “It’s time,” and Holy Spirit clarifying that if I didn’t start living for Him, I’d be taken out.

I continued a journey towards wholeness, learning to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit from the many other voices trying to subvert my path. My journey has truly been “shocking” as I have had to learn much through His sovereign ways bringing me into alignment with His purposes, and many of those ways have not been what I expected. The way I received the book, “Moses – Shocked in the Desert, Learning God’s Ways So We Can Enter the Promised Land” was shocking in itself.  The book was birthed from a prophetic dream and written from subsequent nights of being awakened by the Holy Spirit, to “write what I tell you.  It is about the ways of God and the principles governing our lives through His Word and the way that Holy Spirit establishes through our circumstances, often in “shocking” ways, hence the title. Some readers have said it is really a “manual” for Christian living. The book has been an eye-opening, “shocking” experience from the very beginning, and even now, in print. Every time I pick it up and open it, His “shocking” messages pierce my heart and re-align me to Truth.

I want to share an interesting synopsis of my “career” life. Prior to God calling me to be an author, I mainly worked in government agencies (County of Lehigh, PA; State of MD; City of San Diego; City of Vista; North County Transit District). What is interesting about this is that most of my roles were largely administrative, interpreting and administering rules and regulations, writing manuals and reports, and editing others’ writings to be brought into conformance with established formats. At NCTD I was also the Manager for the Paratransit and Accessibility Programs, and a spokesperson for the District in this capacity as well as speaking on Disability laws and programs across the country at conferences.

Why is this interesting? I know that God used all that I have experienced in these workplaces to prepare me for the ministry. I was petrified of public speaking. He assigned me to a position requiring reporting at Board meetings, representing the District at other meetings, and speaking at State-wide and National conferences. Why? Because I am a spokesperson for Him. I am His ambassador; I represent His Kingdom wherever He sends me, in speaking and writing. If we are born-again, we are all ambassadors for His Kingdom, but most are not aware of this. We are representing some Kingdom – God’s, satan’s or our own. Having seen His transforming power in my life, I am passionate that believers be restored to the plan and purpose of God in the earth, living for the praise of His Glory.

My husband Kerry and I live in San Diego where we are involved in local and regional ministries. We love spending time with our two daughters, their husbands, and our five grandchildren. They bring such blessing and joy to our lives!

If you can relate to any of the above (your life or others you are praying for), and need hope for your future, this book will bring encouragement  strengthen your faith in God’s ability to save, heal, deliver, transform and reconcile!