In a recent worship setting, I saw a picture of a person submerged in water, fighting the current. I heard “abandon” and sensed that there are many struggling to make sense of what is happening in their lives. They are fighting in their own strength, perhaps even “trying hard” to do what they “know” God has called them to do. Yet there is a freedom in Christ, resting in His finished work on the Cross, and the abundant life He gives. Here is what I heard the Lord say:

The flow of My Spirit will continue and grow
when you are able to fully let go.
This is not a passive state,
where you throw up your hands as you narrate
a litany of negative woes
about how you’ll “wait and see how it goes.”
The abandon required is one of trust
in My Word and My ways, it is a MUST
for My Spirit to flow freely in your life;
not trusting Me is what causes strife.
Abandon your thoughts, your doubts, your “reasons”
Trust in My ways, My timing and seasons.
I hold you in the palm of My hands,
My faithfulness to you is not as shifting sands.
You were with Me before time began,
before My breath breathed life into man.
Abandon yourself to My will and My ways
let me order all your days
on Me alone set your gaze
and your life will no longer seem a confusing maze,
but filled with wonder and awe –
you will be amazed.
Abandon completely to My will and My ways.