On the eve of Pentecost as I sought the Lord, I felt a distinct shift. I then heard a loud jet go over and realized the wind had shifted (normally we are not under the flight path). I was hearing “jet propulsion” also. I asked the Lord about what the shift was and this is what I heard:

“My Spirit is being poured out upon those whose hearts have been set towards me. My heavenly host are ready, waiting for the words that are coming forth to be carried to the destinations I have chosen. There is acceleration beyond the bounds and constraints heretofore known. Those who have been faithful and committed to building my Kingdom purposes established, now is the shift. Utterance of the Holy Ghost and power shall come forth in this hour, to overcome the devourer. You shall go forth and you shall speak what I say, nations will be birthed in a day. Nations shall rise and nations shall fall; I will be seen as Lord of all.”

I looked up jet propulsion. It did not make sense to me, the scientific definition and principle of one force being ejected from behind causing thrust to move the jet forward. As I sought the Lord again on this word, I heard,

“When you expel the strongholds of negativity and lack, my goodness will fill and propel you forward. I will fill all lack.”

“Whenever you see lack, look to me, look to me. Declare my goodness, declare my provision. Declare that I AM the Creator of all things, and all things respond to Me.”

“My hand is open to those who see, those in whom I am given room to be. I am willing, I am able, will you eat from my table? The time is now for the world to see – Jesus the Son in you, set free.”

“Declare My goodness, that I may fill. There has been a shift, the heavens are opened, bring to me every area of lack, in faith, and my goodness will pour forth into those vessels. It is time for the world to see my Son in you set free.”

“I have said to you My Goodness and Mercy shall follow you all the days of your life (Ps. 23:6). They follow, waiting to fill the areas of lack. I will fill all lack. Wherever you see lack, look to me, look to me. My goodness shall fill, you will see, you will see.”

The meaning of goodness in the Hebrew includes goods, best, bountiful, in favor, prosperity and wealth. In the Greek, the root of goodness (when used in verses about God’s blessings) means TO FURNISH WHAT IS NEEDED! In the very beginning, God saw all that He created and it was good. When Moses asked to see God’s Glory, the Lord told Him “I will go before you and make all my goodness pass before you.” (Ex. 33:19). Ps. 33:5 says the earth is full of His goodness, and Ps. 52:1 tells us “the goodness of God endureth continually.” God is good, always, and He desires to fill all that is lacking with His goodness! The first miracle of Jesus was to fill the empty vessels with “Good” wine, and this is the time of the outpouring of new wine, to furnish what is needed in this hour – declaring the goodness of God! Wherever we see lack, declare His Goodness!

“Wherever you see lack, look to Me, look to Me; My goodness shall fill, you will see, you will see!”